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As world is becoming a truly global village, every business now has an opportunity to serve anywhere in this village. However, this kind of exposure—despite the huge growth the markets have seen across borders and continents—comes with its own challenges in the way of tariffs, duties, laws, regulations, even governances.

Thus, the global trade brings with it a lot of ‘what if’s:

  • What if my business doesn’t have the potential?
  • What if my marketing strategy is not right?
  • What if the buyer is not genuine?
  • What if the supplier exists only on paper?
  • What if we don’t get payment for the order?

Emboss comes of service at this juncture. We offer END-TO-END services required by SMEs to expand their business globally, but under one roof. At Emboss, we help businesses, especially SMEs, cross that obstacle by providing detailed analyses of opportunities and potentials in select markets. We leverage our experience and network across various countries to help you penetrate and access markets across borders.

We assist in evaluating potential opportunities for your business overseas, especially providing access markets in the Middle East, Africa and India.

Challenges faced by SMEs:

  • Lack of reliable data on overseas markets
  • Knowledge, information and financial barriers
  • Difficulty or inability to identify foreign business opportunities
  • Inability to contact potential overseas customers
  • Unfamiliar foreign business practices
  • Ineffective marketing strategy
Bouquet of Services

Any enterprise that wants to increase its market coverage, needs improved operational efficiencies and enhanced customer engagement. Our team of experts conducts extensive research and helps the client understand the dynamics of global opportunities, and how that affects the current business, as well as how it will shape the business path in the future. Emboss team provides a detailed analysis of opportunities and potential for your business in the selected markets. Our extensive knowledge of foreign markets, business practices and competition enables us to provide the apt support to ensure smooth operation to enable your business to grow without any holdups.

Positioning & Launch Strategy

Lack of proper information of foreign markets is a major barrier for SMEs during overseas expansion. We use our in-depth knowledge about the selected markets to help you identify the customer base and position your business, as well as assist you in presenting the right pricing of product/services to your target customer.

Marketing, Sales & Logistical Support

SMEs face several challenges in the international arena, especially in relation to marketing and logistics, as it is a constantly changing area. Our reliable and efficient marketing channels, and marketing networks, enable us to provide our clients with the best strategy for their marketing, sales and logistical needs.

Ground Level Support

Lack of similarity of legal and regulatory frameworks of the exporting and importing countries and lack of familiarity with market export procedures are huge market barriers.

Our knowledge and skills to deal with administrative procedures enable us to provide you with complete support at the ground level smooth running of your business.